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Mixed Emotions with Christmas and work.

I get some mixed emotions on the holidays, first there is everyone telling you to prepare because there might be an avalanche of orders, the first year online was absolutely crazy, it was December 24th and I was still making wire and it was 10pm and I was soldering, I had no Christmas that year, the second year I prepared earlier and it was still a bit messy because of the shipping.

This year I might not sell as much as those 2 years, because there is a big difference, I can’t offer expedited shipping this year so the last day to purchase is actually today December 1st, in order for things to arrive on time.

Tomorrow I have the task of changing 114 listings in my shop and add the note: “This item will not arrive on time for christmas” , just to avoid any problems.

Why mixed emotions? because I wish I could take advantage of the other 20 days like most people do..

Then again I’m satisfied with my work as of late, I feel finally happy with my rhythm and the schedule  I made

I’ve been making things every day, without really thinking if they will sell or not, and for that I’m proud I don’t want to fall into that.


Little by little I want to make bigger pieces without really thinking about the time or price.. or thinking if anyone is ever going to like it, or being worried about  the criticism of my work.


I’m also happy I’ve challenged myself to see how much I can make in a day, to work in order, and filled my shop with a variety of jewelry some which is quite affordable.


I’ve never wanted to make things that people just fall in love with, I want things to be worn and enjoyed..


A small group of jewelry with ohms in it was born which really have a personal meaning to me and I can’t get enough of..


And I’m giving faceted stones another go, I can be quite lazy and soldering these little boxes with my massive torch can sometimes be a pain but the result is worth I want to try new things, sadly I can’t go to class anymore but I want to try to learn as much as I can, and become better at what I already know.


So that’s pretty much it, Xmas season is over for me, and now the plan for the next month is to see how Christmas is celebrated here in Guatemala, eat all the tamales I can find, and keep making jewelry without putting pressure to myself, I am satisfied with what I do, with the work I do everyday even if it’s one ring or 20 small ones, I’m happy and I think people can sense that on my work, is truly made with the best vibes..

I want to grow as a person , then make whatever I feel..

So I’ll just keep working without any worries :)

Bright Eyes “First Day Of My Life”


How absolutly corny and lovely..*sight*

On laundry becoming magical and getting fed up with routine

I’m writing from my bed..Something is on the TV, I have music on, and it’s 9:00pm and what can I say…sometimes with all the daily mess, with being tired many many times, with some days that I wake up really wanting to stay in bed all day..I get really fed up.


I hate routine I really do in general in life, in relationships, in friendships… I guess I’m a bit unstable…but as of late and fully out of the blue, I started thinking that rutine might not be as bad as it seems, depends on the place you are and the people around you…and what you are doing…


Who knows, I have a lot of questions these days, and not one answer…and as I said some days I get so frustrated and days like today I just focus on cleaning up my working space, doing some drawing, laundry, is some sort of counciousness that one way or another, after you work more than 8 hours a day the silly, simple things give so much satisfaction.


I don’t know if I’m making any sense but I was asked about what I do during the weekends, and well I put my hair in a bun, get some flip-flops and clean this whole house, do some cooking, drink tea, watch movies, do laundry, and how can I explain at 9:00pm after a day of just doing the most common tasks.. I feel so good.





On making drops, rings out of leftovers and people giving some feedback..

Good Morning,


6:17am here and having a big cup of coffee to avoid passing out and to be found sleeping under my desk… and I wanted to show my latest piece.

I  was asked for a drop, or my idea of a drop and this is the result…


 I Love packing so much it gives such a difference, the pretty thing about this one is that as soon as you open it , a light smell comes to you and well it was a present for someone’s best friend had to be special.


This is the close up of the butterfly I made:

 The back of it has a bit of  a texture, I honetsly like matte textures and oxidized pieces more than super shiny ones..

There’s a small plaque with her initials that hangs on the side of the neck …


 And this is for me! :D … because I love thumb rings and well I didnt have any and people I hardly ever make things for myself but this is beginning to change.

 3 stackable rings.. the idea is that with every piece of wire i got left I will make me a ring to keep stacking it sort of like a memory of the materials used..  i hammered a bit and was more open to do things with them since i wasnt hoping they’d be perfect and did them so quick but I do like them a lot..


And yes well this is what I’ve done this past weekend.. have some halfmade pieces which hopefully will be finished soon.. I get so happy by people liking things…

Actually I received this email from a person that bought this piece  online., here’s an extract of the mail…

“Thank you so much.  The necklace arrived today.  It’s beautiful!  I love it!  It’s the perfect gift for my sister, who is graduating from university.  She will graduate about a week before her 43rd birthday.  She is married, a mother of 3, works full time, and still managed to complete her degree!  I am very proud of her and the necklace you made embodies the sentiment I’d like to express to her on this occasion.  “How high could birds fly….  I’m sure they can’t fly up to the moon, but what if one tried”



Am a happy Nat.

On cherry blossoms, sculptures, my old neighbor that gossips a lot and pictures of strangers

Every single day of my life I walk the streets of San Jose CR… I think I’m like a bull I just go non stop till I get where I need to…

But I had never seen these two and have no Idea how long have they been up there. but well they are on a second floor and they remind me of my old neighbor which I hope has no internet conexion or interest in reading what I type…well  I tell you looked exactly like the read head.




It’s such a crowded city, so noisy, dirty, but every once in a while if you really try something different can be found, or one could just try to make the best of it thinking that in other cities of the world you can’t even walk around the stores and feel a bit of safety…and actually look around see all faces, all different lives.. Just people passing by could be quite interesting.

Specially this girl in green who  gave me the “ WHY WOULD YOU BE TAKING MY PICTURE”…face.. haha! In the past I did some reading, you know you could actually sue someone if they take a picture without your permit? One could be taking a pic of an ant in a wall and if some head of an angry person comes out..damn..

 I like cherry blossoms..



On making Silver Lotus Rings to not lose it..and keep what I do more personal

Well I was making a ring the other day, but during class it was a request from someone and honestly well I’ve been at this for 5 months I’m not a jeweler yet and some things leave me clueless..

I had a request for a ring and I took the request to my teacher to see how it could be done, and I started and spent hours and hours trying to get through it and then my teacher told me about why we have to have our place.

So this is the situation if someone asks me for a piece and if it’s so time consuming that I’ll leave personal projects behind, then is just not a good idea.

I told that person that I was not going to able to make the ring for her yet, and there was no problem, and then I made me this..

If you make piece and that person wants one with a variation, wants the piece, wants one like it.. it’s good. But if someone tells me what to do how to do it.. then where do I put my personality on it ? Where is my touch? That thing that says I made it. These includes replicas, some people even get pictures of others people’s designs and say : “ I want this”

This is a ring I’m wearing daily with my version of a lotus flower, the ring is to remind me to work on my ideas and to try to keep it an art, personal, even if I make less money.

I’m happy to clear my brain..


Daddy Long legs of the Evening-Hope!


As the song says: ” A genius shouldn’t die”..and if he was to reincarnate he should reincarnate in himself..

The Miniature Earth – If there was only 100 of us in the world..

I got enough work for my fingers to fall off…



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