by Natalia

I haven´t written a proper blog post in about 8 months, in those 8 months so many things have happened and I don´t want to bore you with random stories, it is actually better to summarize and tell you I have been living life with all it´s arrays of upside downs, in short:

  • Moved to a new city, the first two months where as bit lonely which is always good for soul searching, and as always adapting is a bit hard, but I think after bouncing from place to place so much I am becoming a pro.
  • Took my workshop out of my house,best decision ever, makes it easier to arrange a work schedule, I am way more productive this way.
  • Moved from flat to flat  and studios a total of 4 times, madness! but I am quite peaceful and settled now.
  • Had my heart broken.
  • Took loving care of my heart and I am happy to announce it is it´s happy beating self again.
  • Have attended 4 workshops with amazing jewellers who really have helped my perspective on jewelry making.
  • I am inmersed in work, this time enjoying every aspect of it.
  • Reading, researching and studying, it´s been wonderful.
  • Made lots of new friends, new plans, I can actually say I finally feel at home in Spain after almost 3 years of being here.

I will be sharing a few experiences in the next few days and process photos of the work I have been doing, if you follow me on facebook you probably have seen some of these pieces but I have felt the need of explaining a bit more, the process is quite important  sometimes even more than the final piece, and well I remembered I had a place where I used to write about all this! 

See you soon.