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  1. i have been thinking so much lately about getting back in the studio (2 years ago it’s all i did) but it seems so complicated now. i believe i’ve been captured by one of those relentless routines you’ve written of. (full time job to pay bills) so it’s been difficult with little money and materials. i did build a studio in my backyard…and have stared collecting tools. anyways, i feel blessed to stumble upon you and to think about more dreaming and more doing. i love your shop, i love your ideas and how open you are with sharing them. it is an inspiration to me to get back to creating, my heart tells me to and you have reminded me that we should listen to the heart. much love, k (estellanostalgia on etsy)

  2. Kara, what an amazing comment, thank you soo much for your words.

    Sometimes is a bit hard with all these things around us, but you should go back to creating and I’m sure the ideas will flow like they did 2 years ago.

    I really hope you do get back to it, when you do something you love all the things that are around that are hard, somehow get lot easier.

    A Hug from Costa Rica!!

  3. Natalia you need to tell me if that lotus flower bean bag is buy-able. And if it comes in pink up top and white on the bottom. If so where and how much? Thanks in advance.

  4. hola natalia felicidades x tus nuevas habilidades adquiridas,me encanta tu trabajo y si vienes a mexico un dia recuerda ke en morelia tienes una ferbiente admiradora,mi casa es tu casa

    • Yunen! cuando fui a Mx fui a San Cris y casi me muero de la felicidad, yo se que voy a volver porque Mejico es algo maravilloso 🙂

      Mil gracias por los halagos y por ser tan linda, si paso por Morelia fijo te contacto para un cafecito y hablar de piedras y joyeria!! un abrazo!

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