Random facts about me..


Random facts…

1. I bite my nails…

2. I am right now as I am writing this saving every penny that comes across me to move to Guatemala for a year with all my workshop.

3. I hate jeans.. I only own 2 .

4. I worked in an orphanage for almost a year.. Taking care of 10 kids under 5 all by myself.

5. I don’t own a car or drive or plan to drive ever..

6. My whole name is Natalia Andreina Araya Cubero… kindergarden was so so hard 😛

7. When I was born they expected a boy, the doc said I was a boy, they had blue everything and then I showed up…my poor dad

8. I can teach you to dance salsa or do your accounting..

9. I am terribly shy when introduced to people, I say “Hi” smile and look down … ALWAYS

10. I wish I was strong and could fight people..ahh remember Mallory knox? Like that

11. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister…

12. It’s just soooo easy to scare me

13. I get bored of a lot of things very easily

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