Mixed Emotions with Christmas and work.

I get some mixed emotions on the holidays, first there is everyone telling you to prepare because there might be an avalanche of orders, the first year online was absolutely crazy, it was December 24th and I was still making wire and it was 10pm and I was soldering, I had no Christmas that year, the second year I prepared earlier and it was still a bit messy because of the shipping.

This year I might not sell as much as those 2 years, because there is a big difference, I can’t offer expedited shipping this year so the last day to purchase is actually today December 1st, in order for things to arrive on time.

Tomorrow I have the task of changing 114 listings in my shop and add the note: “This item will not arrive on time for christmas” , just to avoid any problems.

Why mixed emotions? because I wish I could take advantage of the other 20 days like most people do..

Then again I’m satisfied with my work as of late, I feel finally happy with my rhythm and the scheduleĀ  I made

I’ve been making things every day, without really thinking if they will sell or not, and for that I’m proud I don’t want to fall into that.


Little by little I want to make bigger pieces without really thinking about the time or price.. or thinking if anyone is ever going to like it, or being worried aboutĀ  the criticism of my work.


I’m also happy I’ve challenged myself to see how much I can make in a day, to work in order, and filled my shop with a variety of jewelry some which is quite affordable.


I’ve never wanted to make things that people just fall in love with, I want things to be worn and enjoyed..


A small group of jewelry with ohms in it was born which really have a personal meaning to me and I can’t get enough of..


And I’m giving faceted stones another go, I can be quite lazy and soldering these little boxes with my massive torch can sometimes be a pain but the result is worth it..plus I want to try new things, sadly I can’t go to class anymore but I want to try to learn as much as I can, and become better at what I already know.


So that’s pretty much it, Xmas season is over for me, and now the plan for the next month is to see how Christmas is celebrated here in Guatemala, eat all the tamales I can find, and keep making jewelry without putting pressure to myself, I am satisfied with what I do, with the work I do everyday even if it’s one ring or 20 small ones, I’m happy and I think people can sense that on my work, is truly made with the best vibes..

I want to grow as a person , then make whatever I feel..

So I’ll just keep working without any worries:)