Rose Petals



I wondered how many petals does a rose have..


I just couldn´t destroy her.. but I did borrow a single petal.


.. and made my own, on the average, the rose has approximately 20 to 40 petals depending on the specie… mine has 30.


Each petal is made from copper with a japanese patina called hiirodo, giving it a bright polished red finish that will not fade over time.


I made the 30 petals, each has a number in the back..


With an adjustable leather cord so you can use it short or long..




You can find them over at the shop starting today :)

Casa March

A while back I did a post about “Ateliers” 

Well this weekend I had the chance to visit the real thing… 



Let me just say, this place is a combination of things I love, history, tools, goldsmithing, enameling and woodwork.

For an hour an a half I had the joy of listening to stories, of seeing rooms filled with inviting corners, so many tools! 





This is a live in workshop, so there is a beautiful antique house to go with it, where some looms where placed and he mentioned how when it was active, he remembers his aunts threading gold for the costumes of the Saints, while the men made jewelry for priests, enameled pieces for churches, etc.

We are talking of hundreds of years, making this place so magical, so intriguing .. would you like to see it in action? I recommend the blog:



You can see all the photos I took over here

Needless to say I had a pretty good weekend :)

Cierra los ojos.

I was part of an excercise where we had to work with wax blindfolded,  the teacher explained how by just closing our eyes our other senses get to work.

He mentioned how a blind person sees the world, how a piece of jewelry in this case should be interesting to the touch, should have certain flow where the fingers will follow..

We made a lot of pieces and had a blast, at a point we even had to talk to each other with our blindfolded eyes to totally forget what we were doing and to just let our hands go.

Then, opening our eyes and  seeing the results…. wow! so many different shapes and pieces that at least I know I would not have made any other way.

This one was my favorite.


Since this kind of work literally drives me crazy with joy, I just couldn´t wait to make a piece with it.

It is a small reminder.

“Cierra los ojos”- “Close your eyes”





Back in Business.


This is the way I found my poor bench after a two month absence, even though it was covered dust found it’s way inside it.

After a whole day or washing, yes washing… buckets of water for the floor,soap, many moments of : ” ohhh, I forgot I had this” … of taking things up, taking things down, throwing many things and welcoming the new ones from the trip, those that remind me of home and that will keep me strong.

It ended up being halfway decent.

So grabbed these stones…


And here is what I made..



Oh, and the tiny mushrooms.. for fun!

PULSERA (2 of 1)

And then I opened the shop, took a bunch of photographs of the new work and sat down to list and list ( for a very long time ) and well you can see some of it over here at the site:  and to see the new pieces as they are finished the fb page, which is actually what I update  the most :

I am officially back in business. * Insert short happy little dance here .. **

 I really am grateful for my job and soon I will have more limited time to do it, life is ever-changing and it is leading me to do some arranging in my use of time and focus, a season of hard work is coming I will tell you about  this new road in a upcoming post… anyways  I am really cherishing it every one of these last few days, where I can  adjust how and when I work.

Thank you for reading!

To be one with nature.

Do you imagine having this as your backyard?



In Costa Rica you can!

I guess if you have lived here for a big part of you life, you can sometimes take for granted how unbelivably beautiful this place is..

This is the backyard of one of my closest friends, she invited me to come over for a few days to come and  breath some pure air..

Let me take you out for a walk, look:






My feline tour guide shaking his head:





What do you think?

If you are around CR and would like to see what she is doing to bring some of this place to the city, click here.