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” There are several reasons for the growth of interest in jewelry making.

Probably foremost among them is that many people have discovered the pleasure and sense of achievementthat accompanies the activity of inventing and creating an object.

It matters little whether the motive for this activity is to pass leisure time pleasantly; to preserve mental health through absorption in meaningful work; to enjoy the vanity of decorating the body; to engage in a remunerative occupation that pays the rent and fills the stomach; or attempt to achieve approval and fame.

Regardless of the motivation, craftmanship is the key that opens the door to the creative experience by which each of us, on any level of capability can realize the psychological and physical satisfactions which our minds and bodies require.”


To make is to be by Hans Stofer.

(Inspiring Extract from Professor Hans Stofer’s keynote talk at the Craft Scotland Conference 2013)

What I like about making is that the pace of making dictates the pace of thinking. It is a bit like walking and thinking. This helps me to organize and structure my thoughts and allows the subconscious do the work.

There are many different types of making:

There is making to be in touch with what is real.

There is making to experience another reality.

There is making as thinking.

There is making as a reflective process.

There is making to visualize the unexpected and hidden.

There is making as revealing.

There is making to discover.

There is making to cover up.

There is making to produce stuff for others.

There is making not to have to feel.

There is making to let off steam.

There is making to help you focus your thoughts.

There is making to feel alive.

There is making to make sense.

There is making as an attitude.

There is making as identity.

There is thinking about making as an imagined form of making.

There is making as healing.

There is making as repair.

There is making as a form of object – rebirth.

And there is making as something that is essential to define the self.


But ultimately, to make is to hold OUR world between our hands.





On trades, enamel and new friends.

   I made a trade with Anne Dinan, you need to see her work ,to see why I became an instant fan of her work, we both met through flickr and noticed we had a lot in common and decided after sending eachother a few emails to do a trade based on images.

I received a lovely package with neatly packed little gifts.


Inside the box: a labradorite, an old piece which seemed to be a lid with a glass piece and an intricate brass frame, which will work perfectly for a piece in the future plus some amazing old pictures,IMG_6392Specially loved the pin:IMG_6398I sent her this ring, it is made from sterling silver and an enamelled piece featuring a lady and a gold speech bubble, I called it “Golden words” and it´s from my etiquette piecesIMG_6363IMG_6362IMG_6369

What do you think? There is a trading group on fb that Anne made after this trade and it looks amazing there is over 1000 people on it already, you can check it out over here

Vivre sa vie


En Español:

Letter to a Lady in Paris – Julio Cortázar


When I think i’m about to vomit a rabbit I put two fingers down my throat like an open set of tongs, and I wait until I can feel the warm hair rising like the fizz of an alka-seltzer. It’s quick and clean, it all happens in an instant. I remove my fingers from my mouth and with them a little white rabbit comes dangling by the ears. The rabbit looks happy, it’s a perfectly normal little rabbit, only exceedingly tiny, as small as a chocolate rabbit except for the fact that it’s white and most definitely a rabbit. I place it in the palm of my hand, stroke its fur with my fingers; the rabbit seems happy to be alive and hoovers about burying its nose in my skin with that quiet, ticklish gnoshing of a rabbit’s nose on one’s hand. It looks for something to eat so I (i’m referring to when this used to happen in my house on the outskirts of the city) I take it out to the balcony and place it in the big pot with the clover i’ve planted especially. The little rabbit pricks up his ears as high as they go, grabs at a clover with a quick swirl of his snout, and I know then that I can leave him there and go off, continue with a life that’s no different to that of so many other people who purchase their rabbits from farms.

For the full text click here.

“De Cuando en cuando me ocurre vomitar un conejito. Cuando siento que voy a vomitar un conejito, me pongo dos dedos en la boca como una pinza abierta, y espero a sentir en la garganta la pelusa tibia que sube como una efervescencia de sal de frutas. Todo es veloz e higiénico, transcurre en un brevísimo instante. Saco los dos dedos de la boca y en ellos traigo sujeto por las orejas a un conejito blanco. El conejito parece contento, es un conejito normal y perfecto, solo que muy pequeño, pequeño como un conejito de chocolate pero blanco y enteramente un conejito. Me lo pongo en la palma de la mano, le alzo la pelusa con una caricia de los dedos, el conejito parece satisfecho de haber nacido y bulle y pega el hocico contra mi piel, moviéndolo con esa trituración silenciosa y cosquilleante del hocico de un conejo contra la piel de una mano. Busca de comer y entonces yo (hablo de cuando esto ocurría en mi casa de las afueras) lo saco conmigo al balcón y lo pongo en la gran maceta donde crece el trébol que a propósito he sembrado”

El texto completo aquí



Broken Mirror

I gave myself the task to turn little dollhouse frames in metal, this is the first piece I´ve made but I I am really looking forward to make some brooches as well :)

What is broken is not lost.

Sometimes when something is broken we take it for granted and decide it doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore, it just will never be the same even if it’s fixed, really overlooking the inmense potential everything can have, with this series I would like to invite you to think twice next time something (or someone) broken crosses your path.


1907632_10152238687929232_2187579318001840583_n 10338836_10152238687924232_8683329032694566250_n 10329118_10152238691409232_5232105854124263129_n

Porcelain, sterling silver, watch parts, leather.1511351_10152238687989232_7320078597456547955_n10374936_10152238687999232_8008898001763973669_n10329255_10152238687919232_7751936936848341162_n
10356218_10152252065109232_8181508685432290414_n 1545198_10152252065304232_3296440846504374789_n I asked to purchase this goat and the salesman in the antique shop took it and looked at her with that “what could I possibly charge for this” face and gave it to me saying : ” You can have it , it´s broken anyways”

Sterling silver,peridot.




Because who is perfect?


I haven´t written a proper blog post in about 8 months, in those 8 months so many things have happened and I don´t want to bore you with random stories, it is actually better to summarize and tell you I have been living life with all it´s arrays of upside downs, in short:

  • Moved to a new city, the first two months where as bit lonely which is always good for soul searching, and as always adapting is a bit hard, but I think after bouncing from place to place so much I am becoming a pro.
  • Took my workshop out of my house,best decision ever, makes it easier to arrange a work schedule, I am way more productive this way.
  • Moved from flat to flat  and studios a total of 4 times, madness! but I am quite peaceful and settled now.
  • Had my heart broken.
  • Took loving care of my heart and I am happy to announce it is it´s happy beating self again.
  • Have attended 4 workshops with amazing jewellers who really have helped my perspective on jewelry making.
  • I am inmersed in work, this time enjoying every aspect of it.
  • Reading, researching and studying, it´s been wonderful.
  • Made lots of new friends, new plans, I can actually say I finally feel at home in Spain after almost 3 years of being here.

I will be sharing a few experiences in the next few days and process photos of the work I have been doing, if you follow me on facebook you probably have seen some of these pieces but I have felt the need of explaining a bit more, the process is quite important  sometimes even more than the final piece, and well I remembered I had a place where I used to write about all this! 

See you soon.



Casa March

A while back I did a post about “Ateliers” 

Well this weekend I had the chance to visit the real thing… 



Let me just say, this place is a combination of things I love, history, tools, goldsmithing, enameling and woodwork.

For an hour an a half I had the joy of listening to stories, of seeing rooms filled with inviting corners, so many tools! 





This is a live in workshop, so there is a beautiful antique house to go with it, where some looms where placed and he mentioned how when it was active, he remembers his aunts threading gold for the costumes of the Saints, while the men made jewelry for priests, enameled pieces for churches, etc.

We are talking of hundreds of years, making this place so magical, so intriguing .. would you like to see it in action? I recommend the blog:



You can see all the photos I took over here

Needless to say I had a pretty good weekend :)


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