So incredibly tired..


I am dying today, and really have not much to say other than, uff!!!!! been working really hard these last 2 days..

I started on Monday to work on a beautiful custom order that will take me a good while to make..

Here are some photos of the process..




I will be posting most of the process on my flickr, as soon as I have time…

I love big projects🙂

Lazy,lazy weekend.


I had a big schedule planned for this weekend, taking photos,thinking and sketching what to make for 2 upcoming fairs, answering several emails I had.. but then, a friend asked me to STOP for a while and it was exactly what I needed, a little time to relax…had to go to the city to do a little shopping for some very specific things I needed, talked,talked and then talked some more while having a  little decaf *arghh I know but they don’t let me have the real thing any more* over at the national theater..





  I was supposed to list several pieces today at the shop but it is a bit late already so I will just list this one..

I seriously have to use other stones, I am on an ocean jasper frenzy..


This one at least has a little quartz too..



Isn’t it pretty?  want to make more on this same line, this one follows the one I made for myself, but then like I said I have to build a stock for the coming fairs that start in a week and a half and a really big piece for a wedding I am quite excited about making..I will show some of the process of it, in the next few days..


Finding things and turning them into jewelry, is one of my favorite things, it’s really eye catching and gives a little back story to the piece..

For example, this little piece of wood, was picked in a beach in Costa Rica, and then turned into the home of this little frog..


I apologize for the dirty,messy fingers in the photos, if you know me, you know sadly that’s their natural status🙂

As for the pendant, all made with sterling silver, the frog, some little leafs, a wonderful Ocean Jasper cabochon in one of my favorite colors..

Making her way to the shop this coming Sunday

Construction work.


This pendant is the matching one for the ring I posted a few days ago, this is a rather big geode, with an extremely rough and irregular back..

So it needed a box to protect the wearer from the back, to hold it high but firmly.

Looks a little bit like an eye, the stone had an outline with little gaps in the borders, I had to accommodate the prongs to that to facilitate the setting of the stone.

I added a couple of circles in the bottom and top, side to side, to help support the stone and to follow the design of the this last photo you can see what I mean by the box holding the stone up high…

I finished the pendant a little late so I decided to take a close up shot of the inside, it’s so hard to capture..

Here is the front …

And since today I got into one of my hyperactivejewelrymakingfrenzy mood.. I forgot to take photos of it worn, there is one thing I can tell you, it is BIG!

If I run into the necklace again but worn, I will make sure to post it here..

That’s all for today, I am officially out!

Good night!

A hidden flower..




I am obsessed with this stone, one Monday, one today and I have one more on the way.

This ring has a gorgeous Ocean Jasper in a deep green with the little orbs in pink and light brown shades, when I see stones like this I just think of how amazing nature is and try to imagine the slab where the stones came from…

This ring will made his way to the shop in a little bit..

Good night!