I will not miss this.

This year, 500 years after his death, Museo del Prado will do an exibition with 65 paintings 25 of them by  Hieronymus Bosch or atributed to him, the rest are of painters that illustrated the times

I was so captivated the first time I saw the The Garden of Earthly Delights that I’ve gone to visit it 3 more times, each time you can discover more and more.

I still have to see a lot of my favorite paintings in person, but like I said this one by far is the one I always come back to, the one closer to heart, the one I refer people to, the one that sparks something in me between profound curiosity and joy, it’s just wonderful and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have the oportunity to see so much of  his work together.

It will be this May.. more information in the Museo del Prado website.


Caught in time.

This is a really spontaneous piece that I am quite fond of..

I was talking to a friend of mine over coffee about “making” and how some times pieces can take months to make sense and become real or the complete opossite.

I’ve lost plenty of hours of sleep thinking if what I did had any sense at all and then working to see how I could make it clearer. In all truth I believe in being honest and making from your gut and heart, the only thing I am certain of is of the comunion between your subconcient and hands.

All my questions are not answered yet and maybe there is no answer to them at all..but I live for the explosive beautiful moments of making, concentration, losing track of time, of truly not thinking at all and just moving your hands,when there is that rush to finish and then holding a finished piece, your idea in a tangible form for the first time.

As for this piece, she simply invites you to look closer.IMG_2099 (2)Entrycode 012208


Since I got back from Costa Rica, I´ve worked on a small collection called “Foliage”, where very special stones were used, to me it is so magical that these small images are created inside the stone, dendrites are the crystals that grow in fractal patterns that sometimes resemble moss-branch like images.

These foliage-like dendrites stand out against their white backgrounds, or nestled among yellow to brown oxide inclusions.

I decided to go for a clean minimal setting and this is the result:



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My shop will be open until June.. and this pieces can now be found over there

The Blues are Brewin’ – Closing the shop and a few pieces for the road.

I will be closing my Etsy shop on November 25th.

I am still not sure when I will open again, as it has been the case in the past I need a break..

These random breaks are usually  from one to three months are to re-think my business and I guess we do need time to stop-rest-think, then make.

What about Christmas?

I am having a sale until I close in the shop which has been wonderful so far, I am going to Costa Rica for almost a month to spend time with my family and with a suitcase filled with jewelry to sell on the road..

I am happy and excited about next year, I need the rest and I need the time, yet I can tell you I am looking forward to the future..

Oh, and for some reason.. I am on a blue hues roll…