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My environmental jewelry

I walked from home to work for 4 days in a row and picked everything I found on the way.

Once the pieces were laid on a table, a small line of jewelry was born, which in a subtle way wants to transform what is seen as “trash” into a wearable piece of jewelry.

This is me working in a primitive form using my hands, a few tools and what I have in my environment.
collage1 This is the place where I found the first pieces.

and out of them:


I forged this necklace.

5.1 6.

More pieces:

7. collage29. 11

123313. 14.

On a very windy day, this door knob fell off a building

15. 16

Pieces picked from a mattress in the street:

17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

And a few additional pieces I found but still haven´t used.

Now my question is , would you wear these?

Tiny city.





Ups and downs

If you need me, I´ll be here:

Which is quite a good place to be.


Don’t get hung up in your soul.

” There are several reasons for the growth of interest in jewelry making.

Probably foremost among them is that many people have discovered the pleasure and sense of achievementthat accompanies the activity of inventing and creating an object.

It matters little whether the motive for this activity is to pass leisure time pleasantly; to preserve mental health through absorption in meaningful work; to enjoy the vanity of decorating the body; to engage in a remunerative occupation that pays the rent and fills the stomach; or attempt to achieve approval and fame.

Regardless of the motivation, craftmanship is the key that opens the door to the creative experience by which each of us, on any level of capability can realize the psychological and physical satisfactions which our minds and bodies require.”


To make is to be by Hans Stofer.

(Inspiring Extract from Professor Hans Stofer’s keynote talk at the Craft Scotland Conference 2013)

What I like about making is that the pace of making dictates the pace of thinking. It is a bit like walking and thinking. This helps me to organize and structure my thoughts and allows the subconscious do the work.

There are many different types of making:

There is making to be in touch with what is real.

There is making to experience another reality.

There is making as thinking.

There is making as a reflective process.

There is making to visualize the unexpected and hidden.

There is making as revealing.

There is making to discover.

There is making to cover up.

There is making to produce stuff for others.

There is making not to have to feel.

There is making to let off steam.

There is making to help you focus your thoughts.

There is making to feel alive.

There is making to make sense.

There is making as an attitude.

There is making as identity.

There is thinking about making as an imagined form of making.

There is making as healing.

There is making as repair.

There is making as a form of object – rebirth.

And there is making as something that is essential to define the self.


But ultimately, to make is to hold OUR world between our hands.





On trades, enamel and new friends.

   I made a trade with Anne Dinan, you need to see her work ,to see why I became an instant fan of her work, we both met through flickr and noticed we had a lot in common and decided after sending eachother a few emails to do a trade based on images.

I received a lovely package with neatly packed little gifts.


Inside the box: a labradorite, an old piece which seemed to be a lid with a glass piece and an intricate brass frame, which will work perfectly for a piece in the future plus some amazing old pictures,IMG_6392Specially loved the pin:IMG_6398I sent her this ring, it is made from sterling silver and an enamelled piece featuring a lady and a gold speech bubble, I called it “Golden words” and it´s from my etiquette piecesIMG_6363IMG_6362IMG_6369

What do you think? There is a trading group on fb that Anne made after this trade and it looks amazing there is over 1000 people on it already, you can check it out over here


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